Bull Delivery

If it is not convenient to bring a trailer on sale day or weather makes travel difficult, bulls can be left at the feedlot and arrangements can be made for delivery to a central location or to your ranch.

In the event that the bull(s) are left at Suttons Farm and Feedlot for pickup or deliver at a later date, for pickup or delivery at a later date, the feedlot will continue to feed and care for your bulls. The cost for this service is $5.00 per day/yearling bull. Bulls will need to be picked up by April 1st.

“Pot of Gold” can help with these arrangements, but the owner of the bull(s) will be responsible for all vet costs, feed costs, and liability on the bull(s).

Sight-Unseen Purchases Guaranteed

If you are unable to make the sale but would like to purchase a bull(s) — our sight-unseen purchase guarantee is for you. Please call us and let us know just what you are looking for and we will be happy to assist you. Phone bids are kept strictly confidential and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sale Terms and Conditions

TERMS: Terms of sale are cash or check unless the Buyer previous to the sale of any animal so affected has made satisfactory credit arrangements or payment arrangements with the Seller.
BIDDING: All animals sell to the highest bidder. The auctioneer shall settle any disputes or challenges regarding bids and his decision shall be final. Mailed or telephoned bids may be forwarded to the sale management or auctioneer and will be handled with strictest confidence. Prior arrangements for telephone bids at sale time must be made with the sales management or the auctioneer.
There are no warranties, expressed or implied by either the auctioneer or Seller, except as set forth herein, as to the merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of any animal offered in this sale. The right to bid or the right to reject the final bid, if done before the hammer falls, is reserved for the Seller.

ACCURACY OF PEDIGREE: The pedigree shown for each animal cataloged, offered, and sold as a registered animal has been obtained from either the owner, breeder or the records at the American Gelbvieh Association or American Angus Association.
Neither the auctioneer nor the Seller warrants the accuracy of the information shown on the pedigree and shall not be responsible to the Purchaser or this assigns for any damages in the event the information shown on the pedigree is later determined to be incorrect for any reason, including but not limited to errors discovered through blood-type testing.

PURCHASES AND RISKS: Owner assumes all risk of injury or death to his or her animals until they become the property of the Purchaser. They become the property of the purchaser when declared sold by the auctioneer. Purchasers are encouraged to consider animal insurance.

ACCIDENTS: All reasonable precautions will be taken to protect the safety of Buyers and others attending the sale. Buyers acknowledge that they assume any risk of injury, loss, or property damage by their attendance at the auction, even if caused by negligence of the auctioneer, sales management, any consignors or their representatives, Pot of Gold LLC, owners or representatives of the sale facility. The auctioneer, sales management, any consignors or their representatives, Pot of Gold LLC, owners or representatives of the sale facility assumes no responsibility for injury or loss or damage of property.

HEALTH TESTS: All animals have been fertility tested and P.A.P. tested. All animals have been tested negative for trichomoniasis and PI-BVD. The sale veterinarian will assist Buyers on health status for specific states. All animals will have the necessary official identification necessary for interstate movement in conjunction with Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS). Seller agrees to cooperate with Buyer in administering any specific additional test that may be required for an animal purchased for export. Purchaser shall be responsible for the cost of any such test except as may be otherwise agreed.


MALES: Bulls are guaranteed to be breeders (defined as the ability to settle healthy cows), for the first breeding season with the exception of injury* or disease occurring to the animal after time of sale, and gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the Purchaser. The guarantee will not be enforced for any injury or disease after the time of sale. Seller does not make any guarantee with respect to the ability to freeze semen except as otherwise agreed between the Buyer and Seller.

ADJUSTMENTS: The following adjustments do not preclude the right of the Buyer and Seller to mutually agree upon other terms and conditions for settlement of any dispute. All claims for adjustment or refund must be made in writing within six (6) months from the time of sale with the exception of claims involving misrepresentation of service sire or as otherwise provided herein.
In the event any animal is proven to be a non-breeder, the animal may be returned to the farm of the Seller, at the Buyer’s expense, if in good physical condition and the return is in compliance with the health requirements of the state where purchased. Upon return, the Seller shall be entitled to a six (6) month trial period in which to prove the animal is a breeder. The Seller may, at his option, replace the animal with another of equal value, refund the purchase price, or provide credit toward the purchase of an animal in a subsequent sale, or make any other arrangement between the Buyer and Seller that is mutually agreed upon between parties. Any of these options chosen by Seller shall be deemed full satisfaction and settlement. Any animal returned to the Seller will be at the Purchaser’s risk until the animal arrives at a location agreed upon by the Seller. No guarantee is given concerning the length of gestation period of any pregnant female.
Any adjustment provided herein, if selected shall absolve the Seller from further liability.


HORNED: An animal with a horn growth affixed to the skull that has or has not been removed.
POLLED/SCURRED: An animal with rudimentary horn growth that will not develop into a horn. This rudimentary horn growth may or may not become affixed to the skull at an older age.
POLLED: An animal with absence of horn growth. (An animal can have scurs and still be genetically polled).
SMOOTH-POLLED: A smooth-polled individual has no scurs and does not develop scurs later in life.
MULTIPLE-POLLED: Indicates that the animal descends from a multiple generation pedigree of polled/scurred animals, at a minimum both parents and all four grandparents were polled/scurred. It does not guarantee that the animal will be homozygous for the polled trait.
MULTIPLE BLACK: Indicates that the animal descends from a multiple generation pedigree of black animals, at a minimum both parents and all four grandparents were black. It does not guarantee that the animal will be homozygous for the black color.

HOMOZYGOUS BLACK-HOMOZYGOUS POLLED WARRANTY: All warranties regarding cattle being homozygous black or homozygous polled, or both, are agreements between the original Buyer and Seller and extend only to the original buyer. The liability of the Seller shall not exceed the amount of the original purchase price and the Seller must be notified in writing within 24 months following the date of purchase for this warranty to be enforceable.
In the event an animal sold as homozygous black or homozygous polled is determined to be heterozygous for the warranted trait, the Seller will make tender a replacement animal of equal value of the purchase price, refund the purchase price or offer sale credit to be used toward the replacement of that animal in a subsequent sale, within a reasonable time. The Seller must have the opportunity to inspect the animal in question and, at Sellers expense, DNA test the calf and its parents and perform such other tests as necessary to confirm that the calf is heterozygous for the trait in question.

REGISTRATION AND TRANSFERS: Each animal that is cataloged, offered and sold as a registered animal has a certificate of registry available at time of sale. When an animal is sold as “eligible for registry” or “registry applied for,” the Seller shall be responsible for obtaining the certificate of registry and for the proper transfer of the certificate to the purchaser including full payment of transfer fees.

PURCHASER’S RISK: Each animal becomes the property of and therefore Purchaser assumes the risk of injury to the animal as soon as it is sold.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Any errors or changes in information contained in the catalog will be announced from the auction block. Such announcements shall take precedence over information contained herein. The sale will be tape recorded for future reference.

RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS: The above terms and conditions of sale constitute a contract between the Buyer and Seller of each animal and shall be equally binding on both. Animals resold following purchase in this sale shall constitute a separate transaction and the rights and obligations of the parties connected thereto are not covered by the above terms and conditions of this sale. Neither the host farm, auctioneers, nor any other person connected with the management or conduct of this sale assumes any liability, legal or otherwise, except as set forth above.
*Injury includes but is not limited to: broken bones, skeletal problems, broken penis, or any other injury which causes the bull to not be able to service a cow or heifer.

ANIMAL INSURANCE COVERAGE WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE SALE DAY – Bull Mortality and Infertility Coverage and Mortality Coverage








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